Moon and sun

Moon and sun

Harmonious, nice jazzy tones and thought-provoking lyrics by i.a. Lennart Hellsing.

New concert program!

Greetings from Hellsing!

In a long-standing collaboration with Lennart Hellsing set the tone

Stefan Forssén a lot of his colorful poetry.

It became fun, original and fine-tuned songs performed by

Trio Moon and Sun, vocally and instrumentally in imaginative compositions. Songs that reflect the great variety in Hellsing's poetry, rhymes and rhymes about love, philosophy of life and the beauty of nature. Greetings from Hellsing are aimed primarily at an adult audience.

"Grö the green tree of thoughts, the white bird of dreams, the red moon of passion." -

Between Moon and Sun.

A shimmering poetic surge - about comfort, light and warmth with texts by Lars Forssell, Olle Adolphson and Lennart Hellsing, among others. The music by Stefan Forssén and Olle Adolphson contains whimsical and typical "Forssénska" arrangements in a vis-jazz spirit, specially written for this trio. Swirling, beautiful tones and thought-provoking lyrics are performed with the help of violin, clarinet, accordion, piano and three voices. Some sing-a-long exercises with the audience / congregation also occur!

Stefan Forssén is a pianist and composer with jazz as a main element, but he moves freely between different genres. His expression hovers between dramatic outbursts and crisp romantic beauty. Åsa Johansson and Brita Lindgren are singers and musicians with a wide field of work and work close to the theater's expression in their making music. Both are active in many different constellations, including the singing ensemble Amanda.