Mama Gumbo

Mama Gumbo

Two different performances for children and young people! Lots of singing, percussion and learning stories (3-12 years)


The music performance is for children aged 3 - 10 years. Mama Gumbo's world is a beautiful, green, brown and a little crazy world. Mama Gumbo's world contains both the fun and the hard things in life. In music, dance and stories, warm values ​​are embodied with great recognition.

The play is built around African proverbs. Mama Gumbo says that this wisdom also applies to children in Sweden today. For example, what does she mean by "there is a crocodile in every school" or "the only way to have everything is to share"?

Room / technical requirements: Sound system

The performance is included in Kulturkatalogen Väst:


The music performance is for children aged 3 - 12 years. Hakuna Matata is a happy show. Mama Gumbo is a guide when the children embark on a musical journey through Africa. Through song and rhythm and short stories, the children get to know the African culture, the people and the animals. They get to try dance games, songs in Swedish and different African languages, and maybe you get to try playing Djembe drums.

Even though song and dance are from Africa, it is not a foreign world far away that Mama Gumbo presents. Children of different ages join in the songs. Mama Gumbo says that she is the mother of everyone from 0 - 100 years.

Room / technology requirements: Room that both musicians and audiences have room to stand and move in

Participants: Max 70


Both performances are also played as family performances.

Time required: The performance takes about 45 minutes

Preparation time: The ensemble needs access to the venue 60 minutes before start

Price: By agreement