The Malva Quartet

The Malva Quartet

String quartet driven by great creativity and not afraid to stand out.

The Malva Quartet wants to play music that they are passionate about!

They like to push the boundaries when choosing repertoire and experimenting with sounds to inspire new as well as experienced audiences.

The quartet has a penchant for music with a wide range of sounds, both harsh tones and clear melodies. They place great value on presenting music by young composers, music from different parts of the world and cultural spheres that usually do not get focus in art music. Some much appreciated works from their concerts have been written by Judith Weir, Mansurjan, Shostakovich, Barber and Piazzolla. They have premiered a string quartet by Carl-Axel Hall and worked with the composer Hardi Kurda in collaboration with the Kurdistan String Ensemble.

The Malva Quartet has a playful approach to their making music and is happy to collaborate with composers and other artists. They are also part of the Midnight Orchestra * and the Berlin-based tango ensemble Qui a tué le Tango. Together with the saxophonist and composer Mikael Godée, they have started a collaboration where they combine chamber music with jazz.

The Malva Quartet regularly tours Sweden with the acclaimed children's show "Happy in the stomach, angry in the toes" ** and thousands of children have been curious to meet chamber music through their emotions.



Linnea Hällqvist: violin

Button Brita Pettersson: violin

Maria Jonsson: viola

Maja Molander: cello