Malmars Makalösa

Malmars Makalösa

From sports gospel and reggae scottis to Easter calypso and jazz mazurka. Get to know one of Sweden's most versatile bands in the family genre.

Going to a concert with Malmars Makalösa is an excellent family pleasure. Many are the feet, big and small, who danced home from the concert with a bunch of new songs in their heads and a warm smile on their lips.

The latest album "In the middle of the spinach" was nominated for the Manifesto Gala 2018 in the category CHILDREN.

The lyrics smell like Povel Ramel and the music makes an impression on the swing and enjoyment nerve of listeners of all ages. Malmars Makalösa never gets long-winded with its playfulness, thoughtfulness and its tasteful rhymes and melodies:

“Here in the middle of the Kremlin's war, I're sweeping away soups.

Despite all the risks I have taken, with sadness I see my basket ”

(from “The Gold of the Forest”)

The performance is given in concert form in about 45 minutes. The interlude is spiced with a hefty dose of improvisation where impressions from the audience are captured and inspire the artists to make each performance unique.

The concert can also be combined with a much-appreciated songwriting workshop of about 20 minutes, when the children who want to can join in and invent a song together with the band. Melody, lyrics and movements are improvised in the moment and become a completely new song that is finally performed together with the children in front of the rest of the audience.

The technique:

Adaptable for most rooms and contexts. At school gigs and the like. the band can arrange the technology / sound themselves if this is not in place.

For those with a smaller budget or stage space, there is the alternative Malmars Lilla Makalösa - the same songs performed in duo format. Read more here:

Sara Martinsson Arnér: song & wind (lyrics & music)

Ida Malkolmsson Gadd: song & wind (lyrics & music)

Kristin Nordén: piano

Henrik Toresson: guitar

Emanuel Svensson: drums

Johan Bengtsson: bass

Malmars Makalösa is also in Kulturkatalogen Väst: