Great pop songs with heartfelt vocals and nice arrangements, but sometimes completely acoustic with guitar and piano, simple and close.

malinmarie works as an artist and songwriter (malinmarie music) with i.a. Simon Ljungman (Hellström's Augusti family, Jens Back (Winnerbäcks Hovet) and Amir Aly (Jill Johnson).

She makes her own material, big pop songs with heartfelt singing. The songs are framed in nice arrangements, but sometimes completely acoustic with guitar and piano, simple and close.

In the spring of 2015, her new single was released: "Springer" which went right into rotation on SR P4 Gothenburg's song list. Right now she is on tour with "the birds" where malinmarie's own songs are mixed with pop and country (they have in connection with Håkan Hellström's gigs, 2016, at Scandinavium run "pre-party" at Gothia Towers where they play Håkan songs, then they are called # håkantjejerna)

The repertoire has been expanded with some Dylan songs in Swedish to pay tribute to the Nobel laureate in literature.

At the same time she plays the show "malinmarie sings Lill Lindfors"…

In 1973, Lill Lindfors released a slightly more poppy record called "Come on"

40 years later, malinmarie listens to the record shortly after her grandmother passed away.

The music, which she has learned to love since she was little, creates memories.

Thoughts about grandma, relationships and generations are woven together with Lill's music and

becomes a whole, a performance. Now it's done.

It's about breaking up and coming back, mixing gaping laughter with reflection, in short:

To take part in lyrics and music that touches.

malinmarie in SR P4:

“Do Not Come Back” (song 1)

“Song to Svea” (Song 2)

The song was composed for Svea, which would get its name. After that, it has been performed at several name parties / baptisms, then with the name changed so everyone gets a "personal" song for the holiday.

Said in the press about malinmarie:

“A Björn Skifs hit in indie bottling” / Göteborgs Posten

“Naked and full of promise, whiskey pop between Dylan & Lundell” / Norrköpings Tidning