Major's 3rd rote

Major's 3rd rote

Folk music with roots that extend to Scottish reels, songs in song tradition and sometimes approaching Bob Dylan!

“Majornas 3dje Rote is for Gothenburg what the smell of freshly baked bread is for Paris, the potatoes for Alingsås or the violet is for Flen! ”(Lucas Stark, Kakafon Records)

It started with 3 violins at a fiddler's meeting. The band name was added later when everyone for a while lived in Majorna's 3rd Rote on Krukmakargatan in Majorna in Gothenburg.

Majornas 3dje Rote has been a part of Gothenburg's music life for several decades. The band's current line-up is about 25 years old. For about 25 years, they have entertained and touched their audience with their very own mix of "a kind of folk music"! Folk music from Sweden mixed with British and American people. Always with the stories and the heart at the center.

In September 2019, it was celebrated for two packed evenings at Musikens Hus with many of their musician friends on stage.

Several films from the evenings are being compiled and released in the open air. Online.

The band has released 3 CDs:

"Majornas 3dje Rote med Tomas von Brömssen", "På rymmen" and "Välkommen Hem".

Göran Berg: Guitars, mandolin, dobro, vocals

Lasse Gustafsson: Violin, major playing, vocals

Stefan Kirchhoff: Bass, vocals

Göran Premberg: Violin, vocals

Thomas Sjöstrand: Percussion, vocals