M-Rock & Wefunky Band

M-Rock & Wefunky Band

M-ROCK & WEFUNKY BAND - Funkens Mästare from Stonefunkers back in high form with a new live band!

Emrik M-Rock Larsson - legend, bandleader and singer in Stonefunkers - leads a live act you will soon forget! M-Rocks digging for the ultimate FUNKgrooven delivers a super-swinging show, boosted by super-tight Wefunky bands. The live show offers its own material, Stonefunk classics and its own interpretations of golden hits from disco, funk, soul and hip-hop. M-Rock always has the fantastic singer Johanna Hjort on stage, as well as the masterful rapper and percussionist Gonzo Reyes.

Emrik M-Rock Larsson started as a singer and bandleader for the Swedish funk-hip-hop band Stonefunkers. In 1988 came the debut single Turn it up. They released five albums, including the hit singles M-Rock theory, Can u follow and Funkadeena. The band toured around Europe for more than ten years and made a big impact on the Swedish funk and dance scene. Stonefunkers was considered Sweden's best live band for many years. After the band split in 2001, Emrik made four albums in Swedish, the most successful being Lögnhalsen (2006). In 2010, Stonefunkers reunited and Emrik returned to his funk roots. He first released the Funk Rock album AIRBORNE influenced by his skateboarding past. In 2014, M-ROCK & Wefunky Band released their first funk album PHUNK OBSERVATORY; an album filled with funk, disco, boogie and hip-hop. In 2016, the focus on heavy funk and groove was even more present with the launch of THE COSMIC PHUNK SAGA. From 2017 to 2020, M-Rock released singles like America, Party Zone and The City We Love. In January 2022, M-Rock & Wefunky Band returns with a full-length album CELEBRATION. First out are the singles Tenderness (June 2021), Method Funk (Sep) and Cashbah (Jan 22).


The radio savior Emrik Larsson is resurrected and delivers a radio gospel that

 creates constant rhythm in the body. - Niclas Forsgren - Lira

 Thanks for all the awesome gigs! - Martin Wallén - photographer

 Sweden's best live band! - Monica Bergmark - DJ


On stage:


M-Rock - vox

Johanna Hjort - vox

Gonzo Reyes - vox, rap, percussion

Andy V Wallén - guitar, vox

Danny the dog Helgesen - keys, vox

Basberra - bass

Lade K Källfelt - drums