Louise Wanselius

Louise Wanselius

Newly written qualitative music experience that conveys hope and joy.

Louise Wanselius is a live artist who captures her audience with an infectious presence in music, song and small talk. With vocals, guitar, violin, piano and their self-composed music, an interaction arises with the audience that makes hearts meet for real. A concert with Louise touches the innermost essence of life and you just want to smile and follow along no matter what. Alone or together with different musicians, she performs with her own music which is based on show / singer songwriter and folk / world music tradition.

Book this concert for the song evening, the club stage, the church room, the association meeting or anywhere where you want a quality music experience that conveys hope and joy.

Audience votes about Louise:

"Louise plays and sings with her whole body and all her senses, she IS the music"

“Fantastic voice. Thoughtful texts that are about so much more than usual… ”

"Louise is a live artist, to see and hear her is an experience… that reaches all the way in."

Current with: spring 2022 "Louise Veranda" Live-so much better,

on own stage Studio Wanselius, Code 26 Feb, 26 March, 23 April, 21 May, 18 June

Fellow musician: Jonas Franke-Blom- Cello / piano / percussion Petter Rosenlundh- Saxophone / percussion Peter Wanselius: bass / guitar