Long Underpants

Long Underpants

LongKalsong - Swinging music with a lot of humor, imagination and joy (2-9 years).

LongKalsong is the duo that since 2003 has toured all over Sweden, Norway and the USA. With over 1300 gigs in their luggage, they offer the swinging and fun music they themselves have made and released on their four records. Tomas Edelgård - vocals, accordion and flip flops, and Marcus Sigvardsson - guitar and vocals.

Over the years, the band has done several performances where most are still played continuously:

LongKalsong - Live - their most played show. We accompany Tompa & Mackan on a singing adventure, where everyone can sing along and suggest where we should go. Also suitable for a larger audience, and often played outdoors. 2-9 years, family show and creative school

The Discovery Club with LongKalsong

With the help of song, rhythm and humor, we discover musical instruments together. A performance that many municipalities have booked via Skapande Skola. 4-10 years, family show and creative school

The food is ready! An imaginative performance about food, friendship and that you have to say sorry sometimes. Tompa and Mackan claim that salsa can both be eaten and played. That an egg is an instrument and that Swedish root vegetables like bugs. Come in and sing along to songs about carrots, dough and sushi! 3-7 years and family show

The pirate journey Here we get to follow the pirates Tompa & Mackan out on the seven seas. We travel around the world and meet strange and funny animals. There will be singing and a lot of movement. 3-9 years and family show

To feel good - a performance about one of life's great mysteries, the art of feeling good. In the usual LongKalsongvis, songs, rhythm and humor are used to illuminate exercise, diet, rest and relationships. 3-6 years, family show and creative school

The children in the audience are invited to sing along and move to the songs. In 2009 they were nominated for a Grammy for best children's album.

LongKalsong is / has: Operational support from the Swedish Arts Council. Members who have received scholarships from the Artists' Committee, STIM and SKAP. Grammy nominated for best children's album. House musician at Drottning Silvia's Children's Hospital. Educationally educated at the Gothenburg Academy of Music. Freelance full-time musician. Both Stockholmers, Gothenburgers and world citizens from vischan.

Marcus Sigvardsson also does an appreciated Creative School workshop: http://www.skapandeskolamusik.se/artist/skriv-och-spela-in-en-lat

LongKalsong is of course also in Kulturkatalogen Väst:
LongUnderpants LIVE! https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4154
The food is ready! https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4156
Discovery Club: https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4155
Marcus Sigvardsson - Children are right: https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4153