Hello Lady

Hello Lady

Log Lady plays pop & soul and is currently in the news with a tribute concert to Carole King.

Log Lady was started in Gothenburg in the autumn of 2018 by singer Lina Melander and pianist Madelene Birgenius. With vocals, piano and synths, Log Lady moves in pop, soul and americana. They fit into smaller and intimate venues, but also events and the club scene.
"These two musicians are skilled and well-coordinated. With feeling and presence in front of the music that touches deeply. It's really good!”
Elisabeth Engdahl

You make me feel
- A loving clearing on the lid of Carole King's song treasure.
This concert contains obvious hits, unknown gold nuggets but also new Swedish translations of Carole King's fantastic songs.
In 2023, the duo plans to expand this concert with a full band consisting of:

Orpheus Worthy Tsoukalas, Saxophone
Viktor Olofsson, Guitar
Olli Rantala, Bass
Lars "Lade" Källfelt, Drums

Madelene Birgenius is a multifaceted freelance pianist with long and broad experience in soul, pop and gospel. She works a lot with choirs both as a leader and accompanist, but has also done conductor jobs at performances and theaters.

Lina Melander is the artist who moves between jazz, pop & americana. She also participates in performances and runs behind artists both live and on recordings. An experienced singer with many years of experience in various types of gigs.