Lina Nyberg

Lina Nyberg

One of Sweden's foremost jazz singers and composers.

Lina Nyberg made her debut as early as 1993 with the duo album "Close" with pianist Esbjörn Svensson and has since toured the world with various ensembles, e.g. in: Portugal, Germany, Argentina and Brazil. She has received the Grammis Jazz, the Lars Gullin Scholarship, the Royal Academy of Music's major jazz prize, the Swedish Radio Prize The Jazz Cat, etc.

The album Anniverse (Hoob Records) with Lina Nyberg Band, comes in April 2022. A joint composition project where the months and seasons of the year have inspired Lina and her fellow musicians for 14 years (and now also co-composers).

In a 60s-scented hybrid that extends from jazz - towards art music and the semi-classical - they float naturally and safely. It is stylish, light, freely improvisational and explosive - always with a well-founded feeling for the dynamic whole. In combination with Nyberg's rhythmically refined singing, a feeling of total control arises without the limitations that usually follow it. ” Västerbotten-Kuriren 2021


Lina Nyberg: singing
David Stackenäs: guitar
Cecilia Persson: piano
Josef Kallerdahl: bass
Peter Danemo: drums