Lazy afternoon

Lazy afternoon

Effervescent americana spiced with texmex, country and folk rock.

"A piece of Americana that immediately brings you into a great mood." / Keys and Chords

New album out April 27 "Just As Poor As Before"

Gotland's Lazy Afternoon plays wonderfully swinging americana. The band offers wonderful songs, fantastic harmony singing, howling electric guitar and hot, rhythmic major playing. And so the Irish bouzoukin of course. Overall, this creates Lazy Aftyernoon. The music that makes it difficult to sit still.

“Almost Home by Lazy Afternoon with influences from here, there and everywhere. Music for dancing, listening and cry in your beer over and over again. One of the best and most intresting bands of the genre to come out of Sweden. ” ~ Jonas Öhman


Bo Ahlbertz: Irish bouzouki, banjo, car harp and vocals
Cristina Säfsten: acoustic guitar and vocals
Elvira Hall: Percussion, violin and vocals
Jörgen Ahlqvist: three-line major playing
Lars Johansson: bass
Pontus Nordborg: electric guitar, resonator guitar and vocals
Stefan Magnusson: drums and vocals