Lamine Cissokho

Lamine Cissokho

Dazzling choral play where tradition meets innovation.

Lamine Cissokho is a descendant of a family of Mandingo griots from Senegal, a family of well-known musicians whose traditions date back to the 1400th century. Each family member preserves their musical heritage by passing on their knowledge and musical talents to the next generation. A hundred-year-old singing and storytelling tradition that has taken him on tours and to festivals all over the world, including in Sweden, where he has lived for several years.

Lamine nurtures and builds on her musical heritage with her own compositions and allows herself excursions into many other traditions and creates new and exciting encounters across genres and instruments. His concerts are based on a close, emotional and humorous audience contact where stories from Senegal, song and new electronic ways to use the ancient instrument make Lamine's concerts a completely unique experience.
He performs as a solo artist or in the duet with Fanta Yayo Guinean diva, the Indian slide guitarist Manish Pingle or the French jazz pianist Olivier Hutman.

Has collaborated with i.a. Ballake Sissoko and jazz and blues man Eric Bibb.

In 2021, Lamine received the cultural award "Golden Feather" with the following motivation: “Lamine humbly lets audiences and fellow musicians experience that all music can meet. He has the ability to make his fellow musicians flourish and find abilities and joy of playing within them that they did not know they had "

Previous gigs: Africajarc / France, International Guitar Festival / Denmark, Festival Formes et Musique du Monde / Senegal, Linköping Folk Music Festival / Sweden, Bakota / Austria, International Harp Festival / Scotland, etc.
2011 Hell
2015 Same Tilo
2017 "Kora +1”. Instrumental duets / duels between choir and accordion, electric piano, double bass, etc.