The body pathologists

The body pathologists

Cropology - musical performance for children: "A musical & scenic tribute to the body"

Cropology! It's good to have a body. Practical in some way. And think of everything that fits inside a body. Intestines, bones and tanks.
The body scientists come to the classroom and play, sing and read poems!
Or to the auditorium, gym or schoolyard!

My body, your body, our body.
With body, about body, for body.
And soul.
Long body, happy body, fast body, round body.
Outside body, inside body, next to body.

Three musicians, three singers, three bodies. Music, songs, humor, thoughts, questions, respect, play and poetry.

Press material can be found here:
A short trailer for the show can be found here:
And a slightly longer trailer:

The performance is also available in Kulturkatlogen Väst:

Director: Martin Bröns
Costume / Secnography: Cilla Klein
Can also be booked through Big Wind, Matilda Magnusson: 0704-386560