Classical vocals and violin with a focus on female composers, contemporary and past.

TrStrandhugg - an odyssey in women's music along the entire coast of Sweden

With a focus on women's compositions, Kristall takes the audience on a journey through time and space, from the Gulf of Bothnia to the West Coast. In words and tone, the audience meets the composers' different works and life stories via letters, quotes and historical facts. Composers on the repertoire are from the 1800th century to today and the music is presented in a varied program in solo, duo and trio.

With his concert programs, Kristall wants to make visible a repertoire that has often been overshadowed. The focus is on relatively unknown music by female composers and with the content of music from different eras, Kristall shows the variety and the wide time span for women's art through the ages.

Kristall consists of Lisa Fröberg on classical vocals and Karin Wiberg on violin. They make the journey as a duo or together with a pianist of rank ..

“Wonderful arrangement of the program. Both music and access to the lyrics that were sung and also the opportunity to follow the composers' journey along the Swedish coast ”.

- Margit Nygren, concert audience at Ronneby Musikvänner

”(…) This was an evening that offered several intricately performed interesting pieces, classic gems that are not so well known to the wider music-loving audience. Contributing to the excellence of the evening is the fact-packed interlude that brings the music to life. (…) "

- NSD (Norrländska Socialdemokraten) on performance at Kulturens Hus, Luleå

Equipment requirements:

Piano / grand piano, 2 music stands and a microphone for speech

Group members:

Karin Wiberg - Violin

Lisa Fröberg - Mezzo-soprano, piano