Folk music from the Balkan countries, everything from ancient melodies to Balkan clearing.

Kopanitsa offers music and dance from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the former Yugoslavia, ranging from ancient melodies to modern hits. The group lets their own musical experiences be mixed with the music from the Balkans.

Kopanitsa uses modern instruments - clarinet, violin, flute, accordion, bass, guitar, as well as genuine folk - tapan (large wooden drum), darabukka (small vast drum), kaval (edge-blown flute) and bouzouki.

Kopanitsa has made numerous appearances within and outside Gothenburg and on several occasions participated in radio and television. The group also collaborates with various groups such as the GIF Balkan dancers, choirs and jazz groups.

Kopanitsa also teaches songs, playing styles and dances from the Balkans. They provide courses for both children and adults and are happy to work with both introductions for beginners and advanced exercises for more experienced musicians.

Kopanitsa is also the name of a Bulgarian dance in 11-bar where you "stomp on the ground".

Group members:

Cecilia Ekmark: flutes, cavalry

Magnus Eldenius: accordion

Per Engstrand: guitar, bouzouki

Anders Litfeldt: tapan, darabukka (percussion)

Joar Skorpen: viol

Gunilla Smedgård: vocals, clarinet, flute

Ulf Sondell: bass