Company Dagg

Company Dagg

In our song box - musical theater for the youngest

Experience the magic of musical theater in an interacting, warm musical play with completely newly written music played by two actors where curiosity, musical joy and imagination are at the center. Our song box is aimed at the preschool's youngest children 1 - 5 years old and contains several interactive elements where the audience can help to sing, dance and be an orchestra. We get to meet a small bird seeking protection, two furry best friends and a large package filled with rhythm.

Opportunity for subsidy within Halland County 2019/2020 and Uppland County 2020.

Actors Lina Forsberg and Maria Friman have a solid background from, among others, Kulturama, the Ballet Academy, STDH and Artisten. They have performed at Wallmans Salonger, played children's theater at Lill-Skansen Center, participated in musicals at Östgötateatern and have since the autumn of 2017 played in our song box for thousands of children together with Länsmusiken in Stockholm.

“Good pop songs of high quality that Lina and Maria perform with wonderful contact with the children. Lovely voices and personalities that are contagious. You get the urge to just sing… ”Recommendation from Dieselverkstaden

"The performances contained many different fun elements and our children sat glued and fascinated by what happened on stage." Anna Dannert, Mosebacke preschools, Stockholm.