Klingenstierna & Darelid

Klingenstierna & Darelid

Jazz, pop, soul and show with strong lyrics, timeless melodies.


Karin Klingenstierna, Thomas Darelid and Matz Nilsson have picked out songs with strong lyrics, timeless melodies and a heartfelt touch.

Works by i.a. Michel Legrand, Norah Jones, Lars Forssell, Cat Stevens, Hans Alfredsson but also by the musicians themselves.
"Night may become day" wants to touch and span the wide range of emotions - invite to both meditative reflection and joyful turn, all in harmony with the listener.

Karin Klingenstierna moves between genres with unfailing ease, jazz, pop, soul and show, with a natural obviousness. Two solo albums so far: "Kom Närmre" and "Ännu Sjunger Stjärnorna", with their own original material.
But it is "live" that Karin comes into her own. Total presence, which together with the audience creates a memorable concert experience, is Karin's hallmark.

Thomas Darelid's piano playing has been characterized as lyrical narration, with a tonal language woven together with the most urgent lyrics.
A frequently hired accompanist for e.g. Claes Malmberg, Maria Lundqvist, Jan Malmsjö, Tommy Körberg and Jörgen Mörnbäck. He has released four solo albums with self-composed music. "Point of Life" (2017) is represented on Spotify's playlist "Swedish Jazz".

Matz Nilsson, internationally renowned bassist and composer, firmly rooted in both jazz and popular music. One of the founders of the legendary fusion group Hawk on Flight. Matz is frequently hired in show and musical contexts and has a career as a house musician in SVT. Has played with Michael Ruff, Toots Thielemans, Don Cherry, Viktoria Tolstoy, Claes Malmberg, Jörgen Mörnbäck and others.

Karin Klingenstierna: song
Thomas Darelid: piano
Matz Nilsson: bass