Kjell Jansson Quartet

Kjell Jansson Quartet

Critically acclaimed quartet with pure jazz legends.

"One of the most gratifying things that has happened in Gothenburg jazz in recent years is Kjell Jansson's quartet" Lennart Blomberg, GP

The Kjell Jansson Quartet was formed in 1997 and has toured extensively in the country.

KJQ has released seven CDs. Five of these with music by Kjell Jansson, one with music by Billy Strayhorn and the latest is a tribute to Duke Ellington. All have received brilliant reviews.

The group has made several radio broadcasts and also participated in "Weekly Concert" on TV 2.

In 2001, Kjell was awarded the P2 Jazz Radio award "The Jazz Cat" for "Artist who deserves more attention"

KJQ worked with several choirs and played a lot in schools.

About the group's latest CD "Ad Lib on Nippon" Magnus Nilsson wrote in Smålandsposten:

“Duke Ellington was not only the most prominent composer of the last century in all categories. He was also a much greater modernist than many at first think, and that his compositions are well suited for much more modern interpretations than the usual ones, Kjell Jansson shows with his quartet on this absolutely fantastic live record. Frantically and sensitively driven by Jansson himself and Växjö-born drummer Göran Kroon, Tommy Kotter and Gilbert Holmström perform pure masterpieces on grand piano and tenor scissors, while rightfully placing Ellington alongside John Coltrane ”.

… ”Kjell Jansson is an exceptional bassist, and he and his quartet are always up to something good…” Jansson and drummer Göran Kroon swing like mad, they play so well together. Add the masterful pianist Kotter to the mix and you've got a dream team of a rhythm section ”…” I might be biased, but a real joy of the album, In a Sentimental Mood, is performed as a bass feature with piano, and is beautifully played by Jansson. The quartet is rounded out by the equally swinging and well-rounded tenorman Gilbert Holmström. ”

Chris Kosky, Bass World