KG Malm

KG Malm

Singer and narrator KG Malm: Audience contact, warmth and wild sideburns.

KG Malm is an experienced songwriter and narrator and his performances are characterized by audience contact, warmth and wild sideburns.
He likes to sing songs by Evert Taube, Dan Andersson and Allan Edwall and more and over the years has made several records with their songs. He has also released a double CD with the tales he usually tells between the songs and is thus probably the only songwriter who has released a song record completely without songs.

After a festival outside Nyköping, Annika Hedberg wrote on Södermanland's news: "KG Malm is a true entertainer who makes the audience wake up and burst out laughing."
"KG Malm is the best interpreter of Allan Edwall's songs we have heard so far." wrote Holger Wigertz in Katrineholmskuriren.
And in Göteborgsposten, Tore Ljungberg wrote: "KG Malm shines in its own monologues."
KG Malm has been awarded the Taubestipendiet 2002, Byggnads kulturstipendium 2010 and Göteborgs Stads Kulturstipendium 2012, among others.

More info and also the opportunity to listen is available on KG's website
KG often tours together with Lucas Stark, but also together with Mika Olavi with the performance "Humoristen Dan Andersson". You can read more about it on Facebook if you apply for Madness Project.
Accordion Carita Jonsson and KG Malm tour with the performance "Skepp Ohoj!" Salt-sprinkled songs by two seafaring artists who traveled the sea route to Denmark several times.

KG Malm: guitar, vocals, vocals