Karrik´s music fun

Karrik´s music fun

A wonderful moment of music filled with joy & movement for and with the little ones! (0-6 years)

Come and join us! (at the bottom of the page are two links to videos)

With music as language, we meet small and large and together form the world's best orchestra!

We alternate new and old children's songs. It gets fast-paced & swinging, fine-tuned & calm. We sit down and get up every now and then. We work with different themes.

With Musikskoj we want to inspire children and adults to make a lot of music both at home and in preschool. All voices are beautiful!

Music fun - workshop: About 20 children + adults.

The children play together with Rikard and Karin on various rhythm instruments (castanets, bells, drums, maracas, etc.). It also gets windy with kazoo games and we use a lot of materials that attract movement. Our exciting bag is at this time the children's! Instrumental playing is interspersed with movement songs.

Musical fun - performance / singing and movement sessions:

The size of the room sets the maximum limit for how many we can be. We need to be able to move freely!

We focus a lot on movement songs and the body becomes our instrument. Together with the children we move around the room, high and low - maybe we become trolls or fly like birds over the city!

Ages: Baby and up to 6 years. The music is adapted to age and development.

Listen and watch Karrik´'s musical fun in the video below.