Karin Johansson / Finn Loxbo duo

Karin Johansson / Finn Loxbo duo

Improvisations in changing sound environments, music in the spaces.

Karin Johansson - prepared piano, accordion
Finn Loxbo - prepared guitar, electronics

Album VENT, vinyl / cd release september 2018.
Omlott records http://www.omlott.se

Sounds of groomed strings from piano and steel-stringed acoustic guitar meet and mix beyond recognition with elements of electronics, accordion and small indefinable objects.
Finn Loxbo is currently working on the solo album Eter on his own record company Gikt. He plays acoustic guitar, including duos with Anders Vestergaard, Lisa Ullén and electrically amplified in bands such as Strändernas Svall, Doglife and earlier with Fire! Orchestra.
Karin Johansson plays with ORD (lyrics by Tomas Tranströmer and others), Quagmire with Nina de Heney and Henrik Wartel, duo with Lisen Rylander Löve and Jonny Wartel 4.
She also writes music for theater and dance.