Sikelej and the song about the Snake. Children's performance with singing and dancing games from around the world. (4-9 years)

SIKELEJ and the song about the Snake

The song and dance performance where the whole audience is involved!

We wake up the snake that is lying and sleeping on its line and together we wind away in a dance from Taiwan. We meet the king who has all his fine animals in a cage and the Man from the Red Sea who has come to free the animals again! When all the animals are free, we celebrate together with a Pirog game from Russia.

Karavaj's singing games are taken from the book Sikelej sa kamelen and the group has recorded their own CD with material from the show. Both a book and a CD are included in school performances and can be purchased after public performances or ordered via your own website (see below).

Karavaj consists of experienced and professional musicians and educators. Anna Heikkinen has also been working for several years in schools and preschools with singing and dancing games in serial form, ie she comes to the children's group repeatedly and teaches the material. She also trains educators through study days and inspiration evenings.

The show and series are also aimed at the Special School!