Kalle Berlin

Kalle Berlin

Kalle Berlin. Singer and musician from Western Sweden with several programs, including Take Danielsson & I.

Tage Danielsson & I:

A song program with Kalle Berlin's own compositions of Tage Danielsson's poems mixed with songs from Svenska Ord's repertoire. The program is offered in two variants: 1 x about 40 minutes, or 2 x about 30 minutes. The latter option contains more songs from Hasse & Tages' joint production, and sometimes it can slip with a song or two by Povel Ramel as well.

Other programs with Kalle Berlin:

Songs in major and minor:

A mixed program with songs taken from what is usually called "the Swedish song treasure". Dripping stories, gripping stories and humorous considerations. - Like life itself - major and minor!

Kalle is also a songwriter and frontman in the group Kalle Berlin with a band. Lyrics that often have a humorous character are performed to acoustic blues and country-scented music.

In addition, Kalle is one of the driving forces behind the whiskey club Sten-Sax-Påse, which kicks off on a Wednesday a month at Crippa's café in Gothenburg.