A mix of modern jazz and electronic music. Large suggestive soundscapes draw you into a sweet Kakafoni.

Traditional instruments and synths are mixed with samples of natural sounds, noises and much more.
Jazz is dangerous, it is sometimes said. In the beginning of the genre in all seriousness, now more with a twinkle in the eye, but in Kakafoni's hands it finally becomes dangerous again.
New album 2020 - The wolf hour
It is a rather poppy soundscape that meets us, all the time with a plethora of generally wonderful digital sounds. Synths, organs and only the jazz god knows what, twists ingeniously around Johan Jansson's (drums), Tobias Grims' (guitar) and Martin Olsson's (bass) patented supersväng. Kakafoni has shown clear signs of playfulness from the first album, but this time they have both released and thrown the rim far behind them. These could be recordings from that unplanned and completely chaotic backfill rope that Bo Kaspers has never made. The reality is probably closer that the gang has gathered in Zen Studios and together with Kristofer Göransson had great fun with the entire machine park.
Kakafoni consists of Jonathan Gustavsson: trumpet, Pelle Nilsson: saxophones, Tobias Grim: guitar, Johan Jansson: drums, Martin Olsson: bass and Pelle Eriksson: piano, computer.