Stubborn world chamber music originating in Eastern Europe and throughout the world.

Kaja has since the start in 2005 been praised for his strong stage presence and his dynamic border-hating music. Kaja meets different musical traditions in a highly personal way and with an intuitive boldness, they create a unique music with surprising twists and a fully charged dynamic breadth. In their inventive arrangement, the voice of each instrument weighs equally heavily in an interplay of voices and roles and weight is mixed with playfulness. The roots are nourished in Eastern Europe, but grow further into the borderland between traditional and innovative where many different genres can be found. From Klezmer and tango to Swedish folk tone, jazz, pop and cinematic art music and with room for improvisation. On stage, the musicians meet in a close interplay and a powerful, playful and soulful expression.

Four albums have been released in their own name, as well as Midvintervaka in collaboration with the group Tetra. In March 2019, the group's fourth full-length album ORIGO was released! Kaja has toured in Europe, South Korea and North America, collaborated with poets, artists and songwriters and made music for film and theater.

Kaja has toured in Europe, South Korea and North America and performed at festivals, concert halls, culture houses, jazz clubs, schools, weddings, churches and theater stages in and outside Sweden. They have released four full-length albums in their own name as well as the album Midvintervaka (2012) in collaboration with the vocal group Tetra. They have also created music for film and theater, collaborated with several solo artists, done international exchange projects and a number of live performances on radio and international television.

LIFE NORTH: Violin quinton (five-string violin) and kalimba
CAMILLA ÅSTRÖM: Accordion and piano
DANIEL WEJDIN: Double bass