Julia Bengtson

Julia Bengtson

Folk music meets electronica - delivered with strong stage presence.

With roots in Swedish folk music, Julia Bengtson explores the harmony between violin, vocals and electronics. A playful meeting where she guides the listener through heartbreak, pizzicato, darkness and distorted drums.

On stage we get to see her mix her skills as a musician and instrumentalist with a setup for computer-based live electronics, and with the focus directed towards large and modern soundscapes together with a tradition-based melodic language, names like Sara Parkman and Samuel "Looptok" Långbacka are not particularly far-fetched associations. With her stage presence as one of her strongest characteristics, Julia Bengtson strives to perform her art in the same way we tell stories; all times are slightly different from each other.

In her music and lyrics, Julia Bengtson explores the borderland between tradition and production. It is intimate and large, personal and inclusive. We are invited to look, listen and be surrounded by a room where everything is about the present.