Joona Toivanen

Joona Toivanen

Enchanting sounds with prepared solo piano.

The Italian record company CAM Jazz released Joona Toivanen's third solo piano album Lone Room 2016. The album is the sequel to Toivanen's solo album Polarities (2013). Polarities was praised by both audiences and critics, and even on the new record you can hear Toivanen's modern, handsome melodic piano jazz. Lone Room was nominated for the Finnish Grammy 2017.

The internationally renowned jazz pianist Joona Toivanen (b. 1981) has become known for her trio, which has published material and toured for almost twenty years. In addition to the pianist Toivanen, the trio consists of drummer Olavi Louhivuori and double bassist Tapani Toivanen, and the trio has so far released five albums. Toivanen now lives outside Gothenburg and works with the Nordic music and documentary concept Jazz & Fly Fishing.

In the compositions and Toivanen's piano playing at Lone Room, the Nordic melancholy is combined with lyrical, strong melodic lines. The album consists of eight songs, some of which are more thoroughly composed and others leave room for freer improvisation. The compositions form long forms that are characterized by a strong presence and the direction of the music. "It's not about free improvisation, but the songs have certain frames and structures that give direction to the improvisation", says Toivanen about his new album. While Toivanen worked with prepared piano and various layers and toppings on the first solo piano record, Lone Room consists of further new ways of preparing the grand piano, but also of more organic and cleaner jazz piano playing, this time without toppings.