Joni Mitchell - A Tribute

Joni Mitchell - A Tribute

A warm and lyrical tribute to the icon Joni Mitchell.

The year was 1968 when Joni Mitchell released his debut album "Song to a seagull". The rest is written in music history where Joni has a completely unique role with his emotional lyrics and winding melodies. She is a role model for many as one of history's strongest songwriters, singers, musicians and lyricists.

In 2019, the Gothenburg musicians Erik Björksten and Sofia Mono met and started playing Joni Mitchell's songs together. They wanted to play them as carefully and reverently as possible. Go into the songs and recordings in depth and try to capture every single nuance in a personal way, but at the same time find the essence of the music and nerd yourself into different guitar moods, tempos and phrasings.
The duo has aimed to present the songs as original to the recordings as possible, as if Joni Mitchell himself would play them. The repertoire is varied and is constantly growing with new gold nuggets from Joni Mitchell's song treasure, but consists mainly of Mitchell's previous material. During the concert, they tell briefly about Joni Mitchell and the repertoire they perform, but mostly the duo let the music speak for itself.

Words in press:
“The main act consisted of a gig that was about reproducing a repertoire of Mitchell compositions. Those who in a magical and delightful way fixed this were the multi-instrumentalist and singer Sofia Mono in pairs with responsive talented guitarist Erik Björksten. Sounded amazingly similar to the originals with Mono's spotless voice as icing on the cake. ”
/ Kulturbloggen

“The duo Sofia Mono and Erik Björksten performed a selection of Joni Mitchell's songs, performed as original as possible. Songs like Both sides now, Big yellow taxi and California came to life and gave body to the evening's theme in the best possible way. ”
/ Lira Musikmagasin

Sofia Mono: Singing, harmonica, dulcimer
Erik Björksten: Guitars, lapsteel