Jonathan Hilli

Jonathan Hilli

Songs to burn to

He has been described as the song artist of the future and was awarded the Manifesto Award for his debut album Earth songs (2018).

Jonathan Hilli is a Finnish-Swedish songwriter / singer-songwriter. His songs are characterized by densely woven lines of text that, together with expressive arrangements, create atmospheric images. He is also active as a theater musician and actor, among other things. in the free group TeaterFolk and guitarist in the bands WoodsFolk and Slaktarn and Soldanspojken and a member of the artist collective Hug.

Group members
Jonathan Hilli: vocals, guitar and choir
Juho Kanervo: cello
Larisa Ljungkrona-Mönttinen: accordion
Thea Åslund: violin, tambourine, choir
Sten Källman: soprano sax, tenor sax
Vegard Lauvdal: drums and percussion
Martin Olsson: double bass, wagner bass, electric bass, guitar and choir