John Henry

John Henry

Old fashioned country music! Odd vintage numbers are mixed with self-written genre-typical material

Old fashioned country music!

There is an invisible, common thread between the southern United States and northern Sweden.

A mixture of cohesive harshness, drastic humor, gravel roads and crops that most city dwellers are never allowed to experience. With his very own nerve and feeling in front of John Henry's classic about life and death, longing and lust, saints and sinners with a freshness as if the songs were written yesterday.

John Henry has a wide repertoire that ranges from early American folk music from the early 1900th century onwards to country, honky tonk and western swing from the 1940s and 50s. The texts are often derived from the harsh working conditions that prevailed during the era of industrialization and dreams of a better life after this. But also texts about alcohol, murder and love. The repertoire can be niched according to needs and wishes and thus suits all ages in castles, huts and shrines.

The band's core is Mikael Bäckman, harmonica and Ulrika Weinz,

vocals, guitar. At most, the band is 7 people with the set, in addition

core; bass, drums, electric guitar, pedal steel and piano. And sometimes one

minor settlement. Members beyond the core vary.