Johansson and Jonsson Theater Production

Johansson and Jonsson Theater Production

Skrönor och SkränTer stories from the past- Song and music in a burlesque and humorous mix-

A musical story with tales and folk tales about troll packs, strong women, little devils, elves, knotted and unknowable.

Performed with a twinkle in the eye by actress Lisbeth Johansson and musicians Anna Gustavsson and Carita Jonsson on accordion, percussion and various instruments.

Skrönor and Skrän have previously performed at Kulturkalaset in Gothenburg, libraries, the Garden Association and Sommarunderhållningen in Gothenburg.

In the autumn of 2015, Skrönor and Skrän were successful 'at Gothenburg's nursing homes and meeting points on tour' with Speldags.

The show is excellent as family entertainment. The stories can be adapted to the target group. No technology is needed and we are very flexible.