Johannes Bergmark

Johannes Bergmark

Collected sound objects and unique instrument inventions.

A visual concert on constructions and objects

Johannes plays on found and rebuilt things such as crashed bicycles, empty spectacle frames, mysterious tools, kitchen utensils, toys and feathers. His "violin" has the strings strung directly on his fingers - and is played with sandpaper or comb, or he "walks on a rope", hanging in two piano strings from the ceiling in "the strung stirrups", like a trapeze artist. "Angel music" that shakes body and soul.


Johannes conducts workshops in experimental musical instrument construction and creative sound research at all ages. In this way, he wants to inspire young people and adults to create their own sound adventures. To create sound objects and sound art based on unorthodox acoustic principles, incorporation of traditional craftsmanship, with the help of inspiring and fun examples or exploration trips on streets, flea markets and scrap yards.