Johanna Lillvik

Johanna Lillvik

Theatrical singing is framed by ornate piano loops, buzzing drums and a singing bass.

In January 2017, Johanna Lillvik's first, official EP was released on the Borås-based record company Paraply Records. The praise has hailed from reviewers, but the music Johanna writes has also caused some confusion. It can not be placed in a special compartment! There are influences of rock, pop, jazz and folk music and the music has a tendency to constantly surprise and get the listener out of balance. Johanna's main characteristics are her skill as a singer, her stage presence and her songs performed on piano, alone or with her fellow musicians.

Johanna was born and raised in Dalsjöfors, but now lives in Borås. She has studied folk music, worked as a singer at Cirque du Soleil and holds a bachelor's degree in World Music. In 2018, she was the company Gamla Boråsare's cultural scholarship holder and she is also active as a singer in the jazz and blues band Blues Escape. Together with them, she released an internationally acclaimed EP in May 2020 called Blues Escape featuring Johanna Lillvik.

“The coolest scandi-boogie-woogie-jazz-blues you´ll ever hear”. – Cery Matthews “The Blues Show” on BBC

“Ibland dyker det upp en artist man aldrig har hört förut, som har det där lilla extra och udda, det som gör att hon står ut från
the amount, which is the reason why you listen through thousands of new records every year. Johanna Lillvik is such an opinionated person
Artist. Her new EP gives me the same solid kicks as when I first heard Frida Hyvönen, Laleh or Jenny Wilson. ” ~
Robban Ryttman, Zero Magazine

Johanna Lillvik: vocals, piano
Anders Wall: Trumpet
Kim Gunneriusson: drums
Joakim Saarenpaa: elbas