Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavors

Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavors

Daring music with humor and attitude!

Welcome to something really special and exciting!
Selfishness, dynamic jazz / pop / reggae / country / other music that goes all sorts of ways but always together in the group's very uniform and elaborate sound.
The musicians constantly challenge each other and create new versions of their music at every opportunity.
The group's original music always raises eyebrows and creates strong impressions on both middle school students and seasoned jazz foxes.
After 15 years of touring, the group has taken a big step in their very own musical world among beautiful ballads, Mali-inspired guitars, messy groove and lots of humor.
With humor and self-distance, the band captures everything that happens in the room - both each other's impulses and reactions from the audience. All musical expressions are allowed, whether it is massive, fun, beautiful, minimalist or tough.

The group has made itself known for its open approach to the audience and the music. They have a large number of school concerts in their luggage plus a number of concerts far outside the traditional jazz territories.

Johan Björklund - drums
Mats Eriksson - guitar
Magnus Bergström - bass
Björn Almgren - saxophone

Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavors can also be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst with an interactive concert for children / young people: