Musical Theater I'm here now!

Musical Theater I'm here now!

Swinging, warm and uplifting musical theater performances with themes related to gender, identity, self-esteem and the experience of music!

Musical Theater I'm here now! presents: Big Little

- Sometimes I feel big and sometimes small. Am I small or big? What does big mean? And what does small mean? Can I be big and still want to crawl up into my lap and into my arms? Can I try it myself even if I'm small? How long are you small? Does it go away when you grow up? Does everyone dare big? So wonders Big Little.

Musical Theater I'm here now! continues to twist and turn norms and conventions and whose story we listen to.

Text, music and script: Musical theater I am here now!

Participants: Nadina Pundins, Anna Lund, Vera Westberg and Nadja Lönnroth.

Said about the group's previous productions:

"The trio's lovely self-confidence pepper works just as well on adults" -GP

"The show is a gem" -DN

Other performances:


What do you do with all the emotions? Is it contagious? What happens if you put them in your pocket and they disappear if you close your eyes?

With swinging music and splashy choruses, we meet friends who fly like birds, laugh like sausages, growl like ostriches and taste the magic word sorry.

We also meet the monster of fear that lives in the stomach and that looks forward when you least expect it. Can you dance away your monster? If so, what exactly does your monster dance look like?

Target group: 4-6 and 7-9 years

Previous performances:

*** IDOL - as WE want! ***

About heroes, idols and about being your own best fan!

How does it feel to be admired by many? Do you have to fit in to be liked? Are celebrities like ordinary people? Join Musikteater I'm here now! when they explore self-esteem, meet admirers and the admired in a performance of being inspired - rather than impressed!

Target group: 7-12 years.


They are visible but still not. Because what do they do when everyone else is at work or school? Maybe you got a birthday present or a Christmas present from her? But who is she, the older woman, the aunt? Maybe she's like you? Maybe something completely different than you think.

The musical theater group I am here now continues to turn around norms and conventions about what is possible, whose story we listen to and give the audience new possible images of reality, now with an older person as subject.

Target group: 9-13 years, and adults!