Jaded Jane

Jaded Jane

Atmospheric pop rooted in songwriting. Melody makers with more substance in the songs than you usually hear in the mainstream world.

The singer, songwriter and pianist Axel has been writing songs since his early teens & there were so many that he eventually slipped into music production, met his mentor Åke Linton who has recorded and mixed most of the music he has released under the name "Jaded Jane"

Axel says that it has always been a challenge to put a genre on what he writes and produces. He has been inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson to name a few. Each album has taken new paths to different musical landscapes, with Åke Linton encouraging him to dare to try new sounds, new ways of recording and performing music.
Axel writes about his life & goes deep into emotions, where he wants to share personal experiences in the hope that others may find comfort, joy and be lifted by the music.
The artist name Jaded Jane has an androgynous quality, which is also part of the message, where feminine and masculine live in harmony. The way Axel also dresses with the inside of the clothes on the outside, to show that we are all the same on the inside, a message that constantly feels important and current. With his music he wants to build bridges between different cultures & nations, work for a humanism and internationalism, a planet where we can all live in peace with our fellow human beings, nature and all other animals.

Axel's brother Adam has always been a part of his artistic life and the platform "Jaded Jane" He is guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter in the band but has currently taken a step back for contemplation and time for his own creation.