Vocal group with their own ingenious arrangements and seductive vocals.

“We have dug where we stand and picked up our absolute favorite songs. Swedish traditional music that does not apologize for anything. Voices meander like magnificent gourds and adorn melodies to exquisite formations. Our voices range from the sharpest chilling tone to the most fragile phrase. Salt and sweet, sky and sea, forest and meadow. ”

Irmelin has had most of her work over the years in countries such as Norway, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Shetland and Switzerland and they are just a selection of countries we have sung in. "The spirit of a capella singing" became our opinion of a unanimous jury during an a cappella competition in Taiwan. Helsinki now feels like home for a spring week every year and Switzerland is a country with many dear friends and audiences to which we often and happily return.

Irmelin often performs in spectacular contexts, especially with our unique way of performing polyphonic gluing. The places vary wildly from Blåahallar, royal castles to rickety light rigs, church towers, nightclubs in Berlin, scaffolding and tall church towers. On the red carpet in Manhattan, in close combat with spark plug engines in Norrtälje, cows in pastures and several hundred Japanese school children in worn and cold gyms. Our workplace for the day can also be by a beautiful lake in a rainy October in the Swiss Alps or in a Taiwanese TV studio at half past four on a Tuesday morning, or perhaps at the Nyckelpigan preschool on a November morning in a small Swedish village in Sörmland.

Film and theater music, art and circus events are also on the program. With great joy and confidence, we thus throw ourselves from orchestral ditches to summer pastures without safety nets. We meet elves and trolls, angels and demons. The passion for music keeps us alive and the desire to spread music and our specific knowledge makes us meet thousands of people every year at concerts, in teaching, choir collaborations and not least in the meeting with all the wonderful kids we meet in schools and preschools when we ride around with our little show "Flyttfåglarna". Irmelin's members are all very experienced educators and give workshops and courses in both folk singing and balling all year round.