A rainbow of music: Bach, ragtime, folk music, pop songs and more!

Iris is an exciting duo that gives atmospheric concerts. With their unique and varied setting, they invite the listener to an inspiring musical meeting place where music from different times and places meet. In their dynamic interplay, melancholy seriousness meets playful melodies and songs about love. Just as the colors of a rainbow together form a whole, Iris carefully selects songs that in a warm harmony create a welcoming atmosphere - each concert becomes like a rainbow of music.

Iris has a genre breadth that keeps the listener alert and curious. The repertoire consists of i.a. folk music, pop songs, baroque, ragtime and songs that we arranged for our setting. Our concerts are usually 45-60 minutes and of course we are adaptable to other forms of arrangement. We have played together as a duo since 2011 and are used to adapting to different wishes.

About Iris:

Johanna Yew Olsson - Marimba and song
Johanna works as a percussion teacher and freelance musician.

Marcus Fenn - Bouzouki and song etc.
Marcus works as a freelance multi-instrumentalist and teacher of bass and guitar.