Insomnia Taxi (Iryna Novikova)

Insomnia Taxi (Iryna Novikova)

Immersive sound art and electronic music

Ukrainian sound artist Insomnia Taxxi is one of the most innovative music creators from eastern Europe. When the war broke out, she found an asylum residency in Gothenburg and is now developing new projects from her temporary base in Sweden.

Iryna Novikova is a music producer, sound designer and DJ under the name Insomnia Taxxi. She's in the European forefront within electronic experimental music, originally coming from a dark pop musical environment. Today she is moving towards immersive multidisciplinary sound art that works in both clubs, art spaces, galleries and museums.

This is why it's not surprising that she's in a short period of time performed in a variety of spaces in Sweden like Rikstolvan, Malmö Konsthall and Stora Teatern in Gothenburg, as well as clubs and venues in Europe. Insomnia Taxxi explores the relationship between moving image and sound. Most of her performances have spectacular elements of film and projections accompanying her sets.

All her work has a deep political and metaphysical subtext. More information on her contextual and interdisciplinary projects will be added, as they are currently in the works.
Insomnia Taxxi is now at the asylum residency of Musikcentrum Väst under support from SWAN, Postal code lottery and in close collaboration with Musikcentrum Öst. All Swedish residencies are in collaboration with Artists at Risk.