Ingmari Dalin

Ingmari Dalin

Singer with several songs in solo, duo or trio.

Between romantic joy and melancholy nerve, one finds Ingmari Dalin's way of singing songs. As a songwriter, Ingmari has a solid musical education and has performed in a variety of contexts; radio, TV and song festivals in and outside Sweden. Together with established fellow musicians, Ingmari makes several programs, which can also be combined as desired.

* The Rose- Pralines from film and musical. Melodies from two decades are interspersed with fun dialogues with humor and a twinkle in the eye. Performance together with the singer Susanne Pettersson.Ex. on flour. Fly me to the Moon, The Rose from the movie The Rose, Good morning starshine / Good morning starlight from the movie Hair, Wind beneth my wings / You are the winds that carry from the movie The Beaches. Your arm around my neck from the movie 1939 and Gabriella's song from the movie As in Heaven.
The Rose video

* The dream of longing ”- Music and lyrics in beautiful harmony. A finely tuned song and music program that captures "moments, dreams and reality" for guitar and piano with newer and older melodies, eg: Gabriella's song, Let the sun warm you, Wonderful is short, My moment on earth. Together with Susanne Pettersson.
The dream of longing video

“Jag tror på sommaren”- Melodier och texter med sommardoft från hav, natur och kärlek ex: : Bedårande sommarvals”, Älskliga blommor små, Sången om sommaren, Sommarlåt, En mås på berget.: Tillsammans med Susanne Pettersson.
I believe in summer video

"2 X Ada" - Song, shout and jokes about ADA´s Gothenburg. Ex: Our heart's Gothenburg, To Ada, Come little friend, we will sail, Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Gothenburg,

Kal å Ada on holiday, Gamla goa Göteborg, On Älvsborgsfjorden at sunset, Adas lille Kal, Knö dig in. Together with Susanne Pettersson.

* “Kal och Ada – nu och änna då vá” samt “Kal å Ada möter Hasse å Tage”.- Musik-och berättarprogram om Göteborg och om Hasse å Tage. Ingmari blev januari 2013-2016 vald till Göteborgs officiella Ada. Göteborgs Kal blev Harald Treutiger. Lyssna på inslag från programmet
Kal and Ada video

* Christmas peace at Christmas time ”- Traditional and other Christmas songs with vocals for guitar and piano. Together with Susanne Pettersson.
Julmedley video

* I'm waiting for my mile - Personal interpretations of Dan Andersson's natural poetry.

* Against unknown seas - Own songs and selected favorites.

* Come on Land Crabs and Pirates. Children and family show.

See and hear.

Ingmari also sings at parties, weddings and funerals to her own guitar accompaniment, songs, hymns etc. as desired. Ex. on wedding tunes: Love brought us together, For love's and Your song. Examples of funeral melodies: Quiet and close, The light, Hold my heart and Like a bridge over dark waters.

Some press votes and reviews:

“You have captured the Swedish summer in both text and tone, seriousness and humor. Wonderful! ” - Änggårdsbacken "Alice Rörberg June 2019. Regarding." I believe in summer ".

* "A happy and nice music experience" "two Adors with a twinkle in the eye"

Röster ur publik, Landvetter församlingshem. 2018. Angående “2 X Ada”.

* Det blev rejäla applåder när Ingmari Dalin och Susanne Pettersson framträdde på Kulturrums Caféscen med programmet “The Rose”. Den färgsparkande konserten värmde publiken i den välbesökta foaje´n i novembermörkret.

Partille Tidning nov. 2016.

* …stämningsfullt program med vackra röster som passade så otroligt fint tillsammans…” Kerstin Hansson, Surte kyrka, 4 sept..2012 angående musikprogrammet “Längtans dröm”

*… "An easy-going, happy, humorous and very professional show…"

Ingrid Uhlman program-och konferensansvarig på Bohusläns Museum 21 aug. 2013. Angående “Kal å Ada nu å änna då va`”.

"There is both an authenticity and a closeness in Ingmari's interpretation of Dan Andersson…"

Ystads Allehanda 2007

“Ingmari Dalin känns naturlig i hela uttrycket. (…) Gillar det här, riktigt mycket”. Groove aug. 2007