Idajjan & Josajjan

Idajjan & Josajjan

Adventure and Travel Fever! An interactive musical theater about friendship, emotions, courage and magical instruments (family / 4-8 years)

Idajjan and Josajjan are going on an adventure and the train will leave soon. But the road there is not so easy! It is lined with thoughts of friendship, doubt, joy and surprises through emotional blues, enchantment, opera with magical melodica, GPS spotify saxophone and boot dancing in torrential rain… How should it go? Will they arrive on time? Maybe the audience can help them?

Adventure and Travel Fever is a warm and engaging performance that invites children and their adults to participate in singing, rhymes and movements. The children get a musical experience with several different instruments on stage and music in varied genres such as blues, folk music and opera. With humor, magic, seriousness and joy, the audience gets to know Idajjan and Josajjan for 35 minutes and follow their friendship adventure that addresses questions such as: How does it feel in the body when you are worried? What happens if you become enemies? And how do you really become brave?


Ida and Josefin got to know each other when they started working together with El Sistema in Kulturskolan, Västra Göteborg, where they led children's choirs together. The fantastic collaboration and creative desire grew and led to the performance they have now created together from scratch. They are driven by the common desire to "make a difference", touch and share the joy of music with others.