Ida Gillner

Ida Gillner

An embracing moment in piano sounds, a concert experience that reaches under the skin and into the deepest roots of the heart.

Piano concerto by Ida Gillner.

A piano concert with Ida becomes a respite, a spiritual whisper of calm and trust. A sensual meeting in music to draw power, light and spiritual closeness from. Or just a musical moment, to land in.

After many years as a saxophonist, Ida Gillner released her debut album "Anna" in 2021, with self-composed music on the piano. The music came about during the grief work for her sister Anna, who passed away quickly in 2020. At the piano, Ida found strength and comfort. There, at the keys and sound body, the music grew, which later became a whole album. The record was noticed by press and listeners alike, and collectively they found the music comforting, honest, beautiful and powerful. Think a mix of Hania Rani, Ólafur Arnalds, Frida Hyvönen, Yann Tiersen, Erik Satie and a little Nordic melancholy on top of that.

Ida Gillner - piano, vocals, composition

Ida Gillner is an established musician and stage artist who has mainly been seen on soprano saxophone, including the duo Ida&Louise, Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell and Flocken. She also writes music for theatre. 'Anna' is Ida's debut as a pianist.