Set in stone

Set in stone

A stonemason's story in words and music!

This is the story of Håll-Lars Petter Persson. The man who, at the end of the 1800th century, moved from Älvdalen to Bohus-Malmön to work in the stone industry there. Working in the stone industry was hard and the workers had to confess color. When heavy lifting and craftsmanship were the only chance to survive.

In this environment, alcohol flowed, wages were wasted and unions thrived. None of the accused Lars-Petter. He believed that the only way to happiness was through toil, sobriety and submission.

All his life he kept to his strong ideals and he ended his days in the same way he started, like a stonemason.

Håll-Lars Petter Persson's memoirs were found walled in a stone on Bohus Malmön. We tell his story with the help of songs, folk songs and his own texts.

The music stays within the genres show and folk music. Included in the program are songs that we have after Edith Carlsson from Malmön and songs that, according to Lars Petter, were sung in his childhood home in Älvdalen. There are also a couple of modern songs and a real Taube classic.

Lars Petter's memoirs can be read in their entirety in the book "My memories" published by Per Hållén, 2011.