Houman Sebghati & Dom Fantastiska Få

Houman Sebghati & Dom Fantastiska Få

Cult-declared and acclaimed rapper, artist and lecturer.

Houman Sebghati is the rapper who started his career in the 165-collective in western Stockholm during the hip hop's golden era in the late nineties. He has been legendary by colleagues and peers and praised to the skies by one or two music journalists.

In the mid-00s, Houman's breakthrough came with the record Planet of the Reptiles which brought him mass media success. Over the years has released critically acclaimed albums, hosted his own radio program on Sveriges Radio and worked as an actor at the Riksteatern.

There have been many artist collaborations over the years, including with Petter, Kayo, Timbuktu, Linda Pira, Ison & Fille and Eric Gadd to name a few.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, Houman has been working as a stage artist and performing musical performances in various constellations and contexts, including collaborations with chamber orchestras around Sweden.

Some of the performances are aimed at young people aged 13-19 and the only one of its kind in Sweden. A popular act for a challenging audience.
* With Per Sinding-Larsen, Houman tells how he has worked with the album Skuldsaneringen, which was released with the support of the Norwegian Cultural Council. PSL notes that Houman dares to be an adult while summarizing four decades of music making. See the portrait on SVT Play
* Duraid Al-Khamisi on Sweden's Radio P1 Kulturnytt wrote that: "Debt consolidation is an equally technically perfect album, with a high level of workmanship, as it is personal and vulnerable." Listen to the news item on Sveriges Radio
Houman Sebghati & The Fantastic Few moves in a wonderful landscape of hip-hop boom-bap, beats, jazz and soul.

Houman Sebghati: rap, lead.
Henning Ullén: piano, keys and loop station.
Mathias Siroiney: song, hype.
Nadia Hamouchi: trumpet.

The school performance is about fighting against all odds, using yourself as a tool to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. The show repeats the journey of mystery and love, musings about existence, hip-hop then and now, mental illness, parents who don't understand, and being knocked down by life and then getting up and overcoming the most difficult obstacles. In addition to rap, monologues and stories are also used to convey the message.