Hellströmska Kapellet

Hellströmska Kapellet

Hellströmska kapellet presents "Je ne regrette rien!", A musical journey from little Gråbo to the metropolis Paris.

Sonya Hedenbratt's humorous Gothenburg stories and songs are mixed well with singing in Copenhagen and Jaques Brel's chansons at a beer café in Berlin. We meet the spring in Paris, to the tones of accordion and the sound of heels on the Champs Elysée. "The little sparrow" finally leaves us in the sick pallor of reflection in a French waltz, surrounded by poems from the fantasy reality worker Mauritz Tistelö.
Hellströmska Kapellet played this performance on Gothenburg City Theatre's lunch stage in the autumn of 2018 and would have played it again in the spring of 2020. This playing period was canceled for known reasons and a new attempt will be made in November. 2021
The duo also likes to go out and only play songs as entertainment in all possible and impossible contexts and events.
Det fina gamla ordet “cabaretmusik” är en träffande beskrivning på deras föreställning.

The program can be adapted for different occasions and / or play only the music as entertainment or concert. Principal is 3 people but the size of the orchestra can also be varied as needed.

Group members
Emma Hellström Svenner
Dan Hellström