Helena Ek & Peter Janson

Helena Ek & Peter Janson

What do Lasse Lucidor have in common with folk poetry, Sonja Åkesson, Nils Ferlin and Bruno K Öijer?

Jazz and improvisational musicians Peter Janson and Helena Ek, known for their interpretations of early music and folk music present "From Lasse Lucidor to Bruno K Öijer".

Here we meet composed poems by Lasse Lucidor, Olof von Dalin, Nils Ferlin, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Sonja Åkesson, Lina Ekdahl, Bruno K Öijer mixed with folk poetry and music.

Helena Ek, vocals, has a wide repertoire but has above all made a name for herself in older music. In addition to collaborating with baroque ensembles in Europe, she has worked with some of the leading musicians in the genre. In Japan she has toured several times as well as in large parts of Europe. She has recorded radio and TV and is represented on records with music from the Renaissance and Baroque.

Peter Janson, double bass, has been active on the Swedish and international jazz and improvisation scene for over 30 years. Peter has toured in most European countries as well as in America. He is well represented on several records, TV and radio recordings and has been praised over the years, by reviewers in Sweden and abroad, for his formidable technology and creativity.

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