Helena E

Helena E

A carefully selected balance of pop, indie, rock and visa - straight from the heart.

Artist and songwriter from the outskirts of Gothenburg, the city that has also inspired several of her songs. The texts in Swedish are taken from her own thoughts, feelings and experiences of life and she writes about what feels, touches and hurts.

With her 8 singles in the bag, she is now up to date with her debut album "Not enough indie, not enough mainstream" which has been rewritten by, among others, Göteborgs Posten. Helena has been a guest on P4 Gothenburg and has appeared on the Swedish local radio list and Norwegian radio. She has also been rewritten by Suicide Zero as she talks openly about mental health.

Helena is often told that she touches her audience extra much at live shows. Maybe it's due to her long experience of being on stage, not only with her music, but also on her previous experience as a dancer.