Helen Sällfors

Helen Sällfors

Concert pianist with exciting concert program, on his way to new stages!

Helen Sällfors is passionate about creating new meeting places for classical music and making it more accessible for all ages. She wants to arouse curiosity, spread knowledge and a desire to discover music. Therefore, she has been behind the idea and production behind several concert series to renew the concert form; such as the concert series Musical Meetings at the University of Borås.

Helen graduated as a soloist at the Gothenburg Academy of Music in 2001, where she studied for prof. Mats Widlund. She freelances as a concert pianist in solo contexts and as an accompanist. Festivals include the International Holland Music Sessions and the Piteå Festival and she has also played chamber music on the music radio's P2.

She has received scholarships from i.a. The Royal Academy of Music, University of Gothenburg, Borås Culture Committee and Gothenburg Masonic Society, which made it possible to study in London for Hamish Milne and has also participated in master courses for e.g. prof. Hans Leygraf, Liisa Pohjola and Jens-Harald Bratlie.

Helen has a great interest in pedagogy and methodology and runs the Piano Academy.

Poetic piano pieces by the virtuosos Chopin and Liszt, and shimmering sounds by Debussy. The music is interspersed with stories about the music and the composers' lives.


Creative School: “A piano adventure”
Are fairy tales told here through music? What does it really look like in Bergakungen's hall? Is it hard to keep up with Prokofiev's music? A music performance aimed at primary school students with a focus on beats, pulse and feeling the rhythm of the music. Art music meets self-composed material, in adventurous forms. Listen, learn and create!
A creative journey of discovery with music and musical design where the piano and rhythm are at the center with Helen Sällfors, pianist and licensed music teacher.