Jules Verne's classic "From Earth to the Moon" in HejOpera's version. A real space adventure fed with excitement, drama, beautiful music.

The three friends Mr Nicole, Mrs Michelle and Mr Barbie are very bored. They long for something… bigger… weightless… with complicated math numbers, more explosive strength and higher heights… and all this may be in the place that can not be seen from our earth: The back of the moon.It should turn out that Mr Barbie has a supermodern spacecraft (á la mode de Paris 1870) in its garage! The only thing he lacks is courage…

From Earth to the Moon is a weightless fantasy based on Jules Verne's novel from 1865. It is a story about longing both away and home. A dream of hens singing Beethoven, the homely crackling sound of opera on a crank gramophone and the sweet scent of fried eggs.

A performance from 7 years (7-12 years school). Length about 45 min.